Selling a Damaged Mitsubishi Warrior L200 With Airbag Triggering ECU Fault

Sell a damaged Mitsubishi Warrior L200 with an airbag triggering ECU fault

The Mitsubishi L200 is a popular pickup truck for commercial buyers, although it is not without its mechanical faults, one of which resulted in a recall back in 2018. A common issue exhibited by this vehicle is associated with the ECU, which may not function correctly when it comes to triggering the airbag in the […]

Common Faults with Vauxhall Vans Which Will Make the Van Beyond Economical Repair

Common faults with Vauxhall vans often make a van beyond economical repair

There are common van faults which impact many makes and models of commercial vehicles, regardless of their origins. However, each manufacturer has its own set of quirks and pitfalls associated with its products which are worth discussing in isolation. This is useful not just for people who are thinking about buying a particular brand of […]

How Can I Sell a Van Quickly and Hassle-Free?

How Can I Sell A Van Quickly and Hassle-Free?

To sell a van quickly you have several options available to you, although not every avenue will be without its pitfalls to take into account. So, if you want to remove the stress from shifting a second hand van as swiftly as possible, what is the best way to go about it? Get an online […]

How to Sell a Van Which is a Category N Insurance Write-Off

How to Sell a Van Which is a Category N Insurance Write-Off

Insurance categories for written-off vehicles have been adjusted in recent years, although the same basic principle applies to owners; once your accident-damaged van has been classified, this is something you will need to deal with when you come to sell it. Category N is one of the recent additions, covering vehicles which have been in […]

Is it Possible to Sell a Van Even if it is a Non-runner?

Sell a non-runner van

Vans can become clapped out for plenty of different reasons, leaving owners with a real headache on their hands. It is not just the fact that vans serve such an essential purpose in plenty of business operations; non-runners might also be a burden because of where they are when they stop working. So if your […]

Advantages of Selling Your Old Van to Buy a Euro 6 Compliant Van

Sell your old van to buy a Euro 6 compliant van

Euro 6 emissions standards have been impacting the way that van engines are made for almost half a decade now, yet there are still plenty of people driving around in vehicles with older Euro 5 and even Euro 4 engines onboard. If you need a bit more convincing to sell your old van and upgrade […]