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What is a differential?

The differential in your van transfers power to your wheels. It regulates the amount of power using a specialised gear mechanism, allowing the wheels of your van to rotate at different speeds. In fact, that’s how the component got its name! The component plays a very important role, especially when you turn on your van.

Of course, now that we know what a critical component it can be, it’s time to take a closer look at its problems and identify the vans that have a larger share of differential issues.

Differential problems

A faulty differential can manifest itself very much like a poltergeist, making whining sounds as you slow down. That’s not all. Strange noises are likely to emanate as you accelerate. Finally, when you start hearing tell-tale metallic clanging sounds as you turn on those corners, it’s time to give up the ghost. You have a broken differential and it’s probably going to cost you a pretty penny to fix, approximately £300 to £1000.

Vans with differential problems

Ford Transit

User reviews give us some information on vans that seem to have differential problems. For example, the Ford Transit appears to have certain problems relating to the differential. Users have reported issues with the rear differential and a lot of noise due to these problems.

Toyota Hiace

The Toyota Hiace is another light commercial van that seems to have several reports about a faulty differential, with many users reporting that they’ve spent significant amounts of money repairing their vehicles.

Mercedes Metris

The Mercedes Metris has a known problem with its differentials. In 2016, the company recalled a number of its vehicles due to complaints regarding a faulty differential at the rear which had been improperly welded and could fail while driving.

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