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Euro 6 emissions standards have been impacting the way that van engines are made for almost half a decade now, yet there are still plenty of people driving around in vehicles with older Euro 5 and even Euro 4 engines onboard.

If you need a bit more convincing to sell your old van and upgrade to a Euro 6 model, here are a few of the advantages that come with making this leap.

Improved eco-friendliness

With growing signs that climate change is taking its toll on the world and causing various catastrophes, there has never been a better time to start thinking about how your business operations impact the environment.

This is not just a practical move from an eco-friendly perspective; it is also one that will make your firm seem more conscientious and engaged to current clients as well as to prospective customers.

Better efficiency

While it is not universally true for all van models and engine types, in general, it can be assumed that newer vehicles will not only be cleaner, but also more fuel-efficient.

With diesel prices prone to fluctuation, it makes sense to minimise the amount of money you have to spend on fuel. With a Euro 6 compliant van, this is something you can achieve without having to dramatically change your driving style, even if doing so is also worthwhile from an efficiency perspective.

Improved reliability

Even the most robustly made vans will succumb to the effects of wear and tear over time, so you may need to sell an old van sooner rather than later if faults emerge, whether or not they need to get a Euro 6 replacement is pressing. Everything from cambelt problems and gearbox complaints to wiring issues and particulate filter failures can hamper old vans.

A newer van with a more modern engine will be less likely to develop issues in the short term. It may also be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty which will help you to avoid steep repair costs if something does go wrong, which cannot be said for significantly older vehicles.

ULEZ charge avoidance

Van owners in London will no doubt have heard about the Ultra Low Emissions Zone, which covers a decent sized area in the centre of the city. Vans which do not meet Euro 6 standards are charged £12.50 for entering this zone, which over time can really mount up and become hard to justify for regular visitors.

Selling a non-compliant van and buying a Euro 6 replacement will be an excellent investment, letting you avoid the need to pay the ULEZ charge. The zone is set to expand even further soon, so a pre-emptive upgrade will make sense for plenty of people who live and work in London, as well as those who travel there for business frequently.

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