Electrical faults can be a real dampener for your van. Common ones that you might have faced already could be issues with the battery or the alternator. As your van becomes older, these problems become more commonplace. In that situation, a question every owner needs to ask is “Is it worth the repair?” The costs could be prohibitive and may also not be worth the headache. Selling of the van in an ‘as is, where is’ condition may be the best idea. Well, you may be happy to know that We Buy Broken Vans would be willing to buy your van along with electrical and other faults as well!

Why do we buy vans with electrical faults?

Vans that have wiring related issues or other problems with the electrical system are definitely repairable. However, this may not be a practical approach for the owner, especially if the van is old and the cost of repair exceeds the actual van’s value. On the other hand, We Buy Broken Vans is a national company with the capability of carrying out these repairs and restoring the van. We do not believe that a working van should be taken off the road simply because of electrical issues. Therefore, we put in the effort required to refurbish the van, repair or replace the electrical system and get the van back on the road. We are passionate about ensuring that a working vehicle does not end up as waste. Therefore, it’s simpler for you to sell vans to us and receive a fair price. The refurbishment and repairs can then be left up to us.

We buy vans with all types of faults

We certainly do not restrict ourselves to buying vans with electrical faults. Infact, we purchase vans with any type of fault, in any condition. So, are you facing cambelt troubles or gearbox problems? Call us right away. Every day we buy vans that have all kinds of issues. We even purchase vans that cannot be driven any longer. So, if you have a van lying around that has seen better days, and aren’t sure if anybody will buy it, try us! In most cases, we will take it off you and pay you a fair market price.

How does one go about it?

Selling a van to us is a simple process. You will need to visit the We Buy Broken Vans website and key in the registration number of your vehicle into our online valuation tool. We will also need details from you regarding the condition of your vehicle and the problems with it. We will be conducting a physical assessment of the vehicle, so it’s important that you enter this information accurately. The online quote will be based on the condition of your vehicle and once our assessor has completed the verification process, we will simply collect your vehicle, free of charge and put the money into your account.

Call We Buy Broken Vans today to sell any van with any problem

Our customer service team is extremely helpful and you can reach us on (0121) 285 9859. We are a trusted national buyer with an impeccable track record of fairness to customers when buying vans. Call us right away to sell off your problematic van.   Image credit: Wikimedia Commons