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If your van has unfortunately been in a road accident and been badly damaged, it’s likely to be classified as a category C insurance write-off. When you report the accident to the insurance company, a surveyor will inspect and assess your vehicle. If the vehicle has sustained structural damage, i.e. damage to the chassis or the suspension, it’s considered to be quite significant, and a category C label is likely to follow.

What is a category C insurance write-off?

In fact, since October 2017, there are new insurance write-off categories that have been introduced and according to this, category C has now been renamed category S. Well if your vehicle has ended up becoming a Cat C, all is not lost. Cat C vehicles can be refurbished and reintroduced on the roads. However, the reason that insurance companies write-off such vehicles is the cost of repair. If the cost of repair exceeds a percentage of the book value of the vehicle, it’s written-off as it isn’t economically viable to have it repaired anyway. This is called a repair to value ratio, and once it’s been applied, the van owner may end up with only a pittance from the insurance company.

Selling a category C van

Is your van’s been written off as a Cat C, it’s best to sell it off. But, you may be wondering – “Who on Earth will buy my damaged van?” You need to call We Buy Broken Vans. We can actually give you a lot more money than what your insurer will. So, it makes sense to call us on (0121) 285 9859 and speak to a member of our staff.

We’ve even got a free online valuation tool that you can access on our website. Please ensure that you fill in the accurate details of the damage that your van has sustained, as well as your registration number. We buy many such vehicles all the time, and you may find that selling off your Cat C van isn’t that much of a problem after all. We’ll even collect it for free, as long as you are located in the UK after our assessor has inspected your van.

So now you have the inside track on how to get rid of a Cat C van. All you have to do is call WBBV.

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