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The Fiat Doblo is a spacious van that’s great for your business. It can carry around 730 kg of goods within its 3.2 cubic metres of space, making it a handy vehicle for various tasks. It’s been around since 2000 and is widely accepted as a popular van of choice. The company has also released an eco-friendly electric version, which is great for the environment and light on your pocket.

What users are saying about the Doblo

The Doblo has seen many upgrades, since its release in 2000, including a cosmetic facelift in 2015. Although many users have reviewed the van 4/5, there are certain problems that plague the vehicle. The van appears to have suspension issues that may require you to replace the bushes after you’ve used it quite a bit. Many customers have also reported electrical problems, mainly associated with the central computer. Other reported problems appear to be with the gearbox, the fuel system and the braking system.

Selling off your faulty Doblo van

So, if you owned a Fiat Doblo van for a while, and it’s starting to develop all kinds of problems, it’s best to sell it off. You could end up spending more than £300 a month on repairs if you’re not careful. Clearly, this isn’t worth it and you can save yourself a great deal of headache and your hard earned money by simply selling off your faulty van and getting yourself a new one.

We Buy Broken Vans is one of the UK’s leading used van buyers and refurbishment specialists. Just give us a call on (0121) 285 9859 and a member of our team will be in touch with you right away. You can also go online and visit our website to check out our free online valuation tool, which would give you an idea of how much you can expect for your faulty Fiat Doblo van. As long as you report the condition of your vehicle accurately, this tool is likely to give you an accurate quote.

Getting it collected

Once you’ve made contact, we will inspect your vehicle, based on which we would pay you a price. You don’t even have to worry about bringing it to us, as we collect your vehicle for free across the UK. It’s that simple. Get started with something new in the New Year and sell off your old Doblo van to WBBV today.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons