There are common van faults which impact many makes and models of commercial vehicles, regardless of their origins. However, each manufacturer has its own set of quirks and pitfalls associated with its products which are worth discussing in isolation.

This is useful not just for people who are thinking about buying a particular brand of van but also for those who are hoping to sell a damaged van or simply keep up to date with maintenance expectations of the model they already own. With that in mind, here are just some of the faults which are typically seen on Vauxhall vans that will ultimately make it uneconomical to pay for repairs.

Leakages leading to corrosion

This is a particular issue with the Vauxhall Vivaro range, as some models suffer from an imperfect seal around the bonnet which causes rain to trickle through from above and wreak havoc in the engine bay.

Where the corrosion takes hold will vary from van to van, but it can lead to fuel injectors becoming compromised. If these fail completely then the cost of repairs might outweigh the value of the van. The ingress of rainwater can also result in cylinders being impacted, as well as a host of other important components, any one of which might take the engine out of action if it gives up the ghost.

Fuel pump flaws

The Vivaro is roughly as reliable as its closest competitors in this segment of the van market. Even so, it has its fair share of issues that are unique to the range, including a problem with fuel pumps which can strike suddenly or come on gradually over time.

Unusual heaving and whining from under the bonnet can be a sign that the fuel pump is on its way out and while replacements are not exorbitant, it can lead to other issues if left unchecked and lumber you with a hefty repair bill.

Gearbox upsets

Any well-used van will need to have its transmission maintained. In the case of Vauxhall vans, this is certainly the case, since the gear linkage is prone to wear at a faster rate than owners might expect. This can lead to sudden disengagement and if this occurs at an inopportune moment the damage can be catastrophic.

If you are faced with having to pay hundreds or even thousands of pounds to repair a Vauxhall van because of any one of these common faults, you may well be better off just selling it.

That is where We Buy Broken Vans can help. We buy damaged, faulty or otherwise compromised Vauxhall vans from all parts of the country, assisting owners in the case that it is not economically sensible to splash out for repairs.

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Image Source: Wikimedia