Would anyone want to purchase a van that has a number of known faults and glitches? The answer to that question is probably no. It’s the same as buying a building with structural problems and leakage issues. You have to fix it first before you can use it properly. The UK van market is very large and there are several vans in good condition at very competitive prices. Given that customers are spoilt for choice when it comes to buying used vans, people naturally want to avoid buying a van that’s likely to give them problems going forward.

Cost of repairs

To be fair, there are many vans with declared faults and problems which can be fixed at a reasonable cost and the vehicle would be fairly roadworthy. But, this would require the expert eye of a knowledgeable mechanic, who would be able to assess what it costs to fix those problems. In many cases, the overall cost of repairs could far outweigh the value of the vehicle, making it economically unviable to repair and get back on the road.

Then again, there is the uncertainty factor. There is no guarantee that having spent the money, it will continue to run problem-free for a reasonable length of time. Recurring costs of repairs is a trap that smart people want to avoid and many private buyers may not have the technical knowledge to reasonably assess what it takes to get a problematic vehicle trouble-free and up and running.

The nature of faults

A used van could have a number of technical faults, some of which are easy to repair and others which aren’t. These could be broken cambelts, DPF replacement, oil pressure problems, turbo engine trouble, wiring loom issues and differential problems, to name a few.

Of course, there are certain private buyers who are mechanics themselves, looking to get themselves a snazzy deal. Don’t expect them to come up with a fair price. Given the nature of uncertainty, they’re likely to come up with the lowest possible quote in order to cover their risk when buying such a vehicle.

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