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Insurance categories for written-off vehicles have been adjusted in recent years, although the same basic principle applies to owners; once your accident-damaged van has been classified, this is something you will need to deal with when you come to sell it.

Category N is one of the recent additions, covering vehicles which have been in accidents where the damage done to them is superficial rather than structural. If you are wondering how to sell a van which is a category N insurance write-off, we have some excellent advice to follow.

Your options

Even though Cat N vans are usually in full working order, with minor damage to things like headlights and bumpers apparent but no other issues affected roadworthiness, selling them can be a challenge.

The Cat N classification will reduce the vehicle’s residual value and you have to declare its status to any buyer. This makes selling it on privately a bit of an ordeal, as you may struggle to drum up interest or have to deal with time-wasters and people who want to low-ball you on the price.

You could also sell your Cat N van for scrap, although again this is going to leave you seriously out of pocket.

Because of all this, it is often best to get in touch with We Buy Broken Vans, as you can get your Cat N van valued online and receive a competitive quote that will leave you much happier than if you went a different route.

Benefits of selling to experts

There are lots of reasons to sell a van which is a Category N insurance write-off to We Buy Broken Vans, aside from the promise of getting a good price.

We will gladly make offers on vans regardless of the insurance category they have been classified as, so from repairable vans which only have surface damage to non-runners that fall into Cat S, all vehicles will be considered.

We go above and beyond your other van selling options because we also collect the vans we buy from across the UK. Any mainland location is eligible, from London to Glasgow and beyond. Furthermore, the collection is free of charge, so even seriously compromised vans can be taken off your hands.

Why sell a Cat N van to us?

When a van is written off in an accident, it instantly becomes a burden to your business, rather than an asset. Because of this you may want to sell it as quickly as possible, rather than forking out vast amounts for repairs.

We Buy Broken Vans is the quickest and most efficient option for selling a Cat N van in the UK, with no need to quibble over price or pay for collection. With our help, you can get cash for your write-off van and get back on the road in a new vehicle as soon as possible.

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