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Why it’s difficult to sell a van with a faulty cambelt

Well, if you don’t know the answer to this then it’s never happened to you! Faulty cambelts are a nightmare not because of the costs/problems of replacing the cambelt as such, but because of the consequential damage broken cambelts cause.

What are the possible consequential damages of a cambelt failure?

The damage a cambelt failure causes varies enormously from “minor” to the more usual “catastrophic”. The level of damage depends on many factors such as the speed the van was travelling at the time of failure, the make/model and luck!

Cambelt failure results in various types of engine damage, which can include:

  • Bent valves
  • Camshaft issues
  • Cylinder head and wall problems
  • Pistons
  • and more!

 All of the above can lead to many £000’s (in some cases) of repairs and can lead to a van being written off as beyond economical repair.

The We Buy Broken Vans solution for buying vans with faulty cambelts

We are specialists in buying faulty vans with all types of damage, this includes buying vans with faulty cambelts. Why not complete our online valuation form today? Carefully enter exactly the faults your cambelt failure has caused to the engine and we can value your van.

This will mean that you will need to have had the faults on your van assessed by an Engineer, as the rectification costs to fix consequential engine damage vary wildly from a few hundred to a few thousand £’s.

With our specialist in-house repair teams, we can economically fix consequential engine damage at a lower cost and re-sell vans at a profit, this is why we buy vans with faulty cambelts and consequential engine damage.

For further information about our specialist cambelt buying service also read our cambelt problems page.

Don’t let cambelt problems get you down – call us

We know cambelt problems are a big disappointment. It’s always the cost of the consequential damage rather than repairing the cambelt itself which hits hard.

All is not lost though, sell a van with a faulty cambelt and consequential engine damage to us by calling us now. We will buy your broken van today for a fair and competitive price. Call us now on 0121 285 9859 or text/call 07582 859 859.

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