With the ultra low emission zone now enforced in central London, van owners are confronted with the likelihood that driving in the capital will cost them an extra £12.50 a day on top of the Congestion Charge.

Of course for some, it will make more sense to sell an old van and replace it with a newer model which does not fall foul of the ULEZ’s requirements.

So which van owners are better off selling up and which will be better off if they keep hold of their current commercial vehicle rather than upgrading?

Emissions issues

Under the rules of the ULEZ, only diesel vans with engines that meet Euro 6 standards for emissions will be allowed to drive in the designated area of London without paying the charge. This applies to the vast majority of vans registered prior to September 2015, which obviously impacts plenty of owners in the UK.

This issue is further complicated because even vans which are otherwise in perfect working order will still be subject to the charge. As such you might have to perform some fairly tricky calculations to work out if it is worthwhile to sell your van as a result of the implications of ULEZ.

Whatever the age and state of your van, there are a few very good reasons to sell it and get a Euro 6 compliant vehicle in its stead. As well as avoiding the ULEZ charge, more modern diesel engines are more efficient and reliable, which means you could save money on fuel and make the upgrade easier to justify from a financial perspective.

Out with the old, in with the new

For van owners whose vehicles are getting long in the tooth, the ULEZ charge could be the ideal excuse to finally get rid of an ageing van, especially if it has technical troubles that are already causing you grief.

From particulate filter faults to fuel pump foibles, at We Buy Broken Vans you can get a quote for your vehicle regardless of whether it is running or not.

Future expansion

Perhaps the most important reason to sell a van which does not meet emissions standards imposed in central London is that the ultra low emissions zone is actually going to be expanded in October 2021.

This means it will go from encompassing a relatively small area right in London’s core to covering parts of several major boroughs, including Camden, Newham and Hackney as well as parts of Greenwich and Lambeth.

Ask us about selling your van

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Image Source: Wikimedia