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The Citroen Berlingo is a popular small commercial vehicle that is powered by engines of different sizes, the most common one being the 1.6 L petrol engine. The Berlingo is also available as a hybrid electric version, which is really a dual fuel van. The van is generally considered to be good value for money and is a popular purchase amongst van owners.

However, like any other van, it develops certain problems during the course of its life, as it gets older. Here we list common issues of Citroen Berlingo vans.

Electrical issues

A commonly reported problem with the Berlingo is that water tends to enter the fuse box. This may result in starting problems. This problem with the van is frequently mentioned by  users on forums.

Power steering issues

In March 2016, Citroen recalled a number of its vehicles, as there was a problem with the power steering. The power steering pipes cracked over time, resulting in fluid leaks from the power steering shaft. This was a potentially dangerous situation as drivers were faced with reduced power in the steering unit, which could cause an accident.

Weak suspension

Another area of concern, particularly for older vehicles is broken front springs and suspension strut mounts. The suspension problems can cause rattling and discomfort while driving. As the van gets older, the suspensions can become a recurring issue and the condition could get worse.

Transmission problems

The transmission of the Berlingo is known to have problems, as it is slow and puts undue strain on the engine, more so when the van is climbing on steep inclines.

Problems with the turbo

Some Berlingo owners reported issues with the turbo bearings. One owner, in particular, claimed that his Berlingo which had clocked 125,000 miles came down with a turbo failure and eventually he had to fit in a new turbo, conduct a full flush process, which included the sump flush removal in addition to which, a new strainer, vacuum and injector seals had to be installed.

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Image credit: Wikimedia Commons