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Vans can become clapped out for plenty of different reasons, leaving owners with a real headache on their hands. It is not just the fact that vans serve such an essential purpose in plenty of business operations; non-runners might also be a burden because of where they are when they stop working.

So if your van is a non-runner, are you stuck with it or can you sell it? The answer might surprise you.

Common complications

Trying to sell a non-runner on the open market might certainly be a challenge, as most private buyers will be looking for vehicles which are still roadworthy.

You could, of course, choose to scrap your van, although doing so throws up a number of other obstacles to overcome. First, you will need to see whether you are eligible for any number of scrappage schemes aimed at commercial vehicles. There are usually a lot of hoops to jump through and caveats to overcome, which means that this is not for everyone.

Also, you may be required to actually get your van to the scrap yard itself, or alternatively pay a charge to cover the transport if it is handled by a third party. This might make it impossible to actually recoup any cash and you might even end up out of pocket.

Sensible solutions

One of the best ways to sell a non-runner van is to get in touch with We Buy Broken Vans. Our site and service take all of the hassles out of ditching a dodgy old van which no longer works.

We buy vans which are completely out of action, including those that have failed MOTs, been written off in accidents, been damaged by fire and flood and encountered every other conceivable mechanical issue.

Even if your car has been registered as SORN for some time, we will value it for you and give you a competitive price for a vehicle that you might have assumed was worthless at best.

Collection included

When you sell a non-runner to We Buy Broken Vans, the issue of the collection is taken care of as part and parcel of the service we provide. We can help recover your van from wherever it might be free of charge, as we operate nationally to ensure that our customers are able to enjoy the utmost convenience and the minimum amount of hassle.

If your van has been accumulating rust in some out of the way spot for months or even years, it is still possible to sell it to We Buy Broken Vans. We buy vans for spares and those that do not comply with the latest emissions standards.

Contact us to sell a non-runner van

The We Buy Broken Vans team is standing by to assist you with your non-runner van conundrum, so use our contact form to tell us all about your vehicle and we will jump into action to provide the best service around. You can also call us on 0121 285 9859 today or on our mobile at 07582 859 859.


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