If a van is no longer working as it should, whether due to damage caused in an accident or a fault that needs to be repaired, you have a number of choices to consider. You could pay to get it fixed, which in the case of an older model may not make economic sense. You could also sell your van for spares. This is a great idea for several reasons, and there are actually a few options available if you take this route.

Going local

Your first thought may be to see if a scrapyard in your area, or even a local garage.

There are a lot of variables involved, including the local demand for second hand van parts and the level of competition that exists. You could get lucky and secure a good price, or you could end up with next to nothing to show for your efforts, even if the van’s value for scrap or spares is significant on paper.

Selling privately

If you do want to be in control of how your van is sold for spares, the private market might appeal. You can advertise online and in print, then field enquiries from prospective buyers and choose the offer that ticks all the boxes.

Of course, this puts all of the responsibility for selling the van in your lap. You will have to fight your way through time wasters and also face up to the likelihood that it might take a while for anyone to even show interest in a non-runner.

Another issue with this route is that the buyer may expect you to deliver the van or make other demands that are not reasonable or feasible to fulfil in the circumstances. Once again, it is a little like a game of roulette.

Get a quote from the experts

There are several differences when working with We Buy Broken Vans to sell your van, compared with the other solutions.

Firstly, we offer an online quote tool that will let you work out exactly how much your van is worth; no need to worry about negotiating or having the original offer retracted further down the line. We guarantee our prices for 7 days and will inspect your van in-person to ensure everything goes smoothly.

We deal in damaged and broken vans of all kinds, as well as buying roadworthy vans from customers who are looking to upgrade their LCV.

Get in touch with us to sell your van for spares

If the third option proposed sounds like the best one for you and you have used our site to get a quote, the next step is to email our friendly team. You can also call for a conversation about your van on 0121 285 9859. We not only offer competitive prices on all vans made after 2001; we also inspect and collect vans from our customers for complete convenience.


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