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If you know the answer to this question, then you will probably want to sell your van to We Buy Broken Vans. Here we explore just some of the many hidden costs when selling a van privately, i.e. to a member of the general public rather than motor trade.

Advertising costs

Unless you know a potential buyer, the chances are that you will need to advertise. If you want to sell quickly you will probably use websites such as Gumtree, eBay, Auto Trader or Exchange and Mart, etc. The fact is advertising costs money, more than you’d think in some cases. All advertising costs can be avoided by selling to We Buy Broken Vans.

Time = money

The most precious asset we have is “time”. Van owners need to understand that selling a van uses up valuable time, e.g. writing/placing/responding to adverts, time for multiple appointments (including buyers who don’t turn up), cleaning/valeting prior to sale, etc.

There’s also the lead-time of selling a van, with an industry yardstick being 60 days, can you afford to wait for 2 months to sell your van?

All of these times can be avoided by selling to We Buy Broken Vans, receive the payment for your van in typically 2-3 days and spend a maximum of 1-hour for the entire transaction – how convenient!

Finally – can you sell a broken van at a good price?

There is a very limited market for buying broken vans with private buyers. The main market will be to mechanics who will repair the van themselves and then sell for a profit. This being the case their buying price will be a major factor in how much profit they make. Therefore, when selling privately always expect low offers from buyers looking to spend as little as possible.

Save private van sale costs – sell to We Buy Broken Vans

We promise you that selling a van privately is actually more expensive than you would think, so save yourself the hassle. Everybody should value their time more, why not save some time and call 0121 285 9859 or 07582 859 859 now.

Time is money, We Buy Broken Vans will offer a fair price for your faulty van. Call us now to start the sale process.

Image Credit: Route XL