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The dreaded term “write-off” need not be as bad as it sounds. Many van owners think they have no option but to accept the insurance company write-off valuation (which is often too low), this is simply not the case. We go on to explore…

 Notification of write-off by an insurance company

In circumstances where an insurance company writes a van off, they will notify the owner in writing of the decision and will apply an insurance category to the van.

 Insurance categories where must write-off

Two insurance categories give van owners no option whatsoever, they must dispose of the van as a write-off. These are:

  • Category A – Van must be crushed
  • Category B – Van shell must be crushed but there may be salvageable parts

 Insurance categories where owners have options

If a van is written off with any of the following insurance categories, then the owner will have options:

  • Category C – Repairable, but expected repair costs exceed estimate value
  • Category D – Repairable, repair costs expected to be less than the estimated value, but still deemed by the insurance company to still not be worth repairing
  • Category N – Repairable, the van has non-structural damage (e.g. infotainment, heated seats, etc.), there is no need to notify DVLA for these types of repairs

Category S – Repairable, the van has structural damage, after repairs the van will need to be signed-off and re-registered as roadworthy by the DVLA

If you decide to keep the van the insurance company will arrange payment details and will sell the van back to the owner.

Receive a valuation for your written off van

Simply collect our online valuation tool and receive a valuation for your van in just two minutes. It’s vital that when using the tool that all the applicable information is detailed, e.g. detailed explanations for the write-off.

Upon accepting our valuation, we would subsequently visit to collect the van and would make an inspection to ratify the van is in the same condition as declared. If we find the van in a different state we would amend our offer, this could be an increase in the offer as well as reduction depending on what we find.

Is your van a write-off? – Then contact us today

Your van being written off doesn’t mean you have no options, sell your van to us and receive a higher price than the insurance write-off valuation.

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We Buy Broken Vans regularly pay more for insurance write-offs than van owners would expect, we can do the same for you, if you contact us.

Image Credit: Melissa Wilkins