Vans that meet with an accident often go well beyond economic repair, simply because the structural damage that the vehicle has sustained is too expensive. However, we often see that vans that have been in regular use, simply in the call of duty do break down eventually and once again it becomes illogical to repair these vehicles. Let’s take a look at the top type of faults as to why vans breakdown due to wear and tear, making them uneconomical to repair.

Engine problems

Problems of the engine are probably top of this list since they are expensive to resolve and once the van is quite old, owners don’t want to pay hefty repair bills. Of course, engine problems are likely to surface if the van is not regularly checked up or serviced. But, even for the ones that are, rusting of the pistons could be a major issue. Vans that are used a lot in wet weather conditions and muddy farmlands could end up with water in the carburettor and the cylinders. This can rust the pistons, causing severe engine problems, including the van not starting up at all.

The cambelt or the timing belt could be another bugbear, and with wear and tear over time, it can prevent the engine from functioning smoothly. As the repair cost is expensive, many van owners try to get rid of the vehicle at this point in time. Another classic problem is the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valves getting choked up with carbon. This causes thick black smoke to emanate from the exhaust, along with decreased power. Problems related to the gearbox due to wear and tear can also be an issue.

Other common issues and type of faults

A leaking fuel tank could be yet another problem that is expensive to fix. It is also hazardous as fuel starts to leak. If the van is pulling to one side when being driven, it is usually an indicator of faulty kingpins. Other structural issues could include damage to the chassis or transmission.

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Image credit: Wikimedia Commons