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Cat N Vans for Sale? – Sell to We Buy Broken Vans

In October 2017, new categories for insurance write-offs were introduced in the UK. If you’re a van owner, it’s important to know and understand these categories and what they mean.

Insurance write-off categories are used by insurers to assess the cost of repair and classify your van if it meets with an accident. Accidents vary in impact and intensity and the damage to your van can vary in the way it has affected your vehicle. The new categories – S and N have now replaced the earlier categories of C and D. However, vans that have already been classified as a C or a D will not require reassessment.

Cat N vans

This category is the new classification that replaces the previously used Cat D classification. This category represents vans with minimum damage. Cat N specifically indicates that the accident vehicle should have sustained no structural damage. This means that the damage needs to be cosmetic in nature or could include non-structural issues that cover other parts of the vehicle. It could cover damaged windscreens, side mirrors, broken tail lights or headlights.

Once a van is classified as N, it simply means that the repairs are easy to do and there is no structural damage. If there is any damage at all to the external body of the vehicle, this could have been the result of a low-speed collision or a scrape against another vehicle or a stationary object.

Is it safe to buy a Cat N van?

Many Cat N vans are simply sold in its damaged state, with no repairs carried out at all. However, the seller needs to make this very clear when selling the van. This category of vans are usually safe to drive, as there is no structural damage. But, it’s important to note that once the van has been categorised as Cat N, its value has been reduced for the rest of its life. Due to this, many owners simply dispose of the vehicle and start afresh with another van.

Sell off your insurance write-off van to We Buy Broken Vans

We Buy Broken Vans are always on the lookout for insurance write-off vans. If you have a Cat N van, check out our free online valuation tool. By using this tool, you can find out how much we’re likely to pay for your van. If you’re happy with the price, all you need to do is call our team on (0121) 285 9859 and one of our assessors will be in touch with you right away. Once we accept your van, we can pick it up from any location within the UK and a prompt payment will follow. It’s that simple.

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