Sell a Van with ECU Problems

The ECU (or Electronic Control Unit) is a critical part of any modern-day van and effectively acts as the brain. The ECU controls the function of vans through a series of pre-programmed as well as programmable computer chips, which act in much the same way as a PC would.

There are many types of ECU modules within a van (some vehicles have 80+), a few examples are brake control module, suspension control module, transmission control module and the engine control module. As an example, the engine control module manages the operation of a van’s engine through a series of sensors and components, which all work together to control and manage the required functions of the engine.

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About the ECU (or Electronic Control Unit)

Various ECU faults can arise on vans. It’s a shame to say but some vans are actually shipped by the manufacturer with common faults or ones which are likely to develop over time. Whilst not costing an absolute fortune to fix, ECU faults are irritating and can be very dangerous to drive with.

Examples of ECU failures that can arise due to various modules having issues within the ECU include power steering column failure, sunroof control failure, gauge and instruments panel failure, ignition failure, etc.

Often the location of the ECU can create issues such as a tendency for water damage and also heat damage due to the ECU location in some models.

Most ECU’s can be repaired in the region of £100 – £250 for remapping the ECU. Costs for repairs vary according to the make/model with some vans being more complex than others. One of the problems with remapping is that it can re-occur and therefore prove quite costly in the medium-long term and sometimes appear to be a problem, which never quite disappears.

In certain circumstances, it may not be possible to repair/remap an ECU (even when using very specialist ECU repair companies), in such cases, a replacement ECU will be needed.

The cost of replacing an ECU could write off a van quite easily. It’s advisable to buy second-hand models from scrapped cars, which are dramatically cheaper, and cost could a similar amount to remapping. A new manufacturer ECU is usually out of the question due to cost grounds, which is why second-hand ECU’s usually are quite popular and work well.

Sell a Van Today with a Broken ECU

ECU problems can be annoying and may be the final issue that makes you decide you want to sell your van. Don’t let this issue put you off contacting us, We Buy Broken Vans regularly buy vans with ECU issues – it’s “bread and butter” business for us. If we buy your van with an ECU fault and can’t fix it, we always have the option of breaking the van up for spares and selling these as a part of our regular business.

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So, to sell your van with a faulty ECU contact us now on 0121 285 9859 or by mobile on 07582 859 859 (text us here too!). We can collect your van from anywhere in the UK mainland and can normally settle for cash within two days.

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