Sell a Van with a Fuel Injector Problem

Amongst our series of faults affecting vans amongst the most irritating can be fuel injector faults. Fortunately, the cost of fixing is often not as high as with some other repairs, but in many cases, owners still prefer to sell their van with a broken injector to us here at We Buy Broken Vans. Find out how we can help in this detailed article.

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The Importance of Fuel Injectors in Vans

The role of fuel injectors is the delivery of a smooth “normal” flow of fuel to the engine. Clean fuel injectors ensure peak performance of the engine, as well as help to deliver fuel economy and also control emissions output. Fuel injector problems arise when they become dirty, where insufficient fuel is injected leading to incorrect injections into the engine and inefficient combustion.

The main issues affecting fuel injectors involve them becoming blocked and with deposit build-ups. It’s a guarantee that injectors will become blocked over time with most experts recommending cleaning of injectors around every 25,000 miles. This cleaning period is even lower with vans (especially diesel), which perform lots of inner-city low distance drives (e.g. delivery vans and council vans). In more extreme cases the check engine light sensor may display, but it will take skilled diagnostics by an experienced mechanic to prove it’s the fuel injector, which is at fault, which of course can be costly and inconvenient.

As we have previously said damaged fuel injectors will compromise efficiency, performance and especially the level of HC (hydrocarbon) and CO (carbon monoxide) emissions.

One of the most obvious tell-tale signs of a fuel injector issue is misfiring, this will be obvious to the driver and will be particularly apparent during light acceleration. In situations of idling (e.g. at traffic lights and in traffic jams) the van will appear rough and revs will not be smooth but will move up and down (on their own). Many drivers complain of a loss of power and lack of response from the van to acceleration requests. This can actually be dangerous if you require rapid acceleration to pass another vehicle as the van may not be able to respond.

Unlike some of the other fault pages we have created it is potentially possible and more likely to sell a van with fuel injector problems – it all depends on the severity. A certain degree of fuel injector faults can be anticipated with older vans, as this issue is largely due to age, “wear and tear” and neglect by previous owners. In cases of total fuel injector failure, it won’t be practical to sell your van as the vehicle won’t start.

Clearly, buyers prefer to avoid vans with even minor fuel injector problems, so why not sell to us and avoid the hassle of selling privately? We have the experience to clean fuel injectors, so could either repair and re-sell your van or possibly scrap it for its parts value.

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We know it is hassle owning a van with faults, particularly one with fuel injector failure, which can be a tricky and costly issue to get rid of. Why not cut your losses and sell to We Buy Broken Vans today? We buy vans with all kinds of faults across the UK and can collect from your premises in the UK mainland within 48 hours. Call our landline on 0121 285 9859 or mobile on 07582 859 859 (send texts here too). Receive cash for your van typically within two to three days from the start of the process.

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