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How do I increase the value of my van before I obtain a valuation from you?

We are frequently asked by owners this question. So, we have summarised all of our thoughts into this detailed FAQ.

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Ask yourself what would the buyer think?
When trying to sell a van, think of your buyer and what they would like to buy. The closer your van is to what most buyers would want to buy then the higher the value of the van will be.
Jobs which may increase the value of a van

The following jobs are likely to increase van valuation and what we can pay for a van:

  • Fix mechanical issues – you might choose to fix a mechanical issue yourself prior to selling to We Buy Broken Vans. These include repairs such as cambelt, differential, DPF, ECU, engine issues, fuel injector, fuel pump, gearbox, timing chain and others.
  • Fix bodywork issues – any chips or areas of bodywork which require repair/touching up will reduce the price we can pay. If these are fixed before we buy, this will naturally increase our valuation
  • Full service history – if you can ensure that you have a full service history, this may add value to what we can offer
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Our recommendation would be that prior to undertaking repairs that you compare the valuation for your van with and without the repairs. You then need to factor in whether it’s economical for you to complete the repairs. For example, if a valuation with repairs is £2500, without repairs is £2000 and the repairs would cost you £800 it’s not worth your time, effort and expense to complete.


As a garage we can complete repairs at very low-cost, you are likely to benefit most by selling to us complete with faults. If you are a mechanic or have access to a low-cost mechanic (e.g. family/friend), you may save money by completing some repairs yourself.


Jobs which won’t impact value

Although nice to do, the following won’t increase the amount your van is valued by us. The following are mainly tasks van owners undertake to sell a van privately. Sell to We Buy Broken Vans and enjoy a hassle-free service:

  • Cleaning and washing – we clean/wash a van as part of our process, so you don’t have to
  • Topping up fluid levels – there is no need to top-up water/oil levels, we will check these and top up in-house

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We would love to hear from you, so please contact us if there are any aspects about your van you wish to discuss. Call us on 0121 285 9859 or 07582 859 859, in particular, we may be able to advise on whether certain repairs are worth undertaking prior to selling the van to us.

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