How does the valuation process work? Will you pay me what the online valuation says?

Learn more about how our online valuation tool works through this FAQ.

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Try our totally free online valuation tool to value your van today

Yes, the tool is totally free to use and can be found at

This couldn’t be simpler really. All owners need to do is

  1. Enter their registration plate
  2. Press “Submit” (green button)

Once you have pressed submit you will need to enter some additional valuation information, relating to condition (e.g. mechanical and bodywork of the car). From all the information given we can produce an accurate estimated valuation for your van. It is imperative that condition information is entered honestly, accurately and to the best of your ability.

Frequently the answer to this question is “yes”, but not always. We operate on trust and will make a valuation based on the details entered about your van through the valuation tool. As you’d expect though this information has to be corroborated when we attend to inspect/collect the van.

So, as an extreme example if the engine was damaged due to a faulty cambelt, which wasn’t declared you couldn’t really expect us to keep our valuation!

“In a nutshell” if the condition of the van is different to its online valuation description then the valuation will be different. The valuation could rise if in our opinion the condition is better than stated, but equally the valuation will be lower if the condition is worse than stated.

Call us today to discuss a valuation

Try our valuation tool and as we have said enter all of the information as accurately as you can. We hope you like your valuation, which will be for a guaranteed fair market price.

If you would like to clarify anything, please call We Buy Broken Vans now on 0121 285 9859 or 07582 859 859 and we’d be delighted to discuss anything relating to your van sale.

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