Damaged Van FAQs – How to Sell a Van?

Amongst the most frequent of questions we are asked surround topics related to “How do I sell my van?” Well, in case you were wondering we have summarised a number of questions related to this topic in this FAQ guide.
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When you sell a car or commercial vehicle the DVLA MUST always be informed of the sale. You the present seller and current owner of the van are responsible for this procedure.

To sell your van to us simply detach the yellow part of your vehicle registration document V5C and complete section 9 as shown below:

Please leave the remainder of the V5C in the front glove box of the van at the time of collection.

We can still buy and collect your van when it has been seized and impounded. We would need to be given the location address of the van, proof of your ownership and would also have to pay any outstanding fees against the van before we could take ownership of the van. Once we have ownership of the van we will be able to pay you for the balance left of the van’s original valuation.We regularly buy vans from motor traders and actively welcome enquiries. It’s usual in these circumstances for a motor trader to sell several vans at once and of course we are happy to buy more than one van at a time.Yes, we can buy vans without a valid MOT, but this needs to be declared as a part of the valuation. It’s ideal if the owner supplies any currently validly MOT certificate with the van, but this isn’t strictly necessary as this can be verified online.We can buy vans with outstanding finance. We will need to pay off the balance of any finance though before we can take ownership of the van. Simply we will deduct any finance payment off the original valuation and the net balance will be paid to the owner. In circumstances where the outstanding finance is higher than our online valuation then we would need a payment from the owner.

How to Sell a Van to We Buy Broken Vans

We hope you have enjoyed this FAQ guide and that it has answered many of your questions about how to sell a van. If you have a van to sell, why delay? Contact We Buy Broken Vans on 0121 285 9859 to kickstart your van sale. We can also be called/texted on 07582 859 859 to answer all your queries about buying your van.

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