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My Van is a Non-Runner – Can We Buy Broken Vans Recover and Buy the Van?

If you want to sell a non-runner, then We Buy Broken Vans is definitely the place to start. We specialise in buying vans which have been rendered un-roadworthy through a variety of circumstances. Even better news is that we offer national collection of non-runners, meaning we can help you recover a vehicle which has given up the ghost from wherever it may be.

What is a non-runner van?

As the name suggests, a non-runner is a van which is no longer in working order. If you turn the key and the engine will not fire up, then you have a non-runner on your hands.


Of course there may be lots of different underlying issues which mean that a van is classed as a non-runner. It might be something simple, or it might be something serious. Whatever the case, whether your van has an untenable ECU or a gearbox that has ground to a halt, we will happily value it and collect it from you.

Why do you buy non-runners?

The reason we buy non-runners is that there is still plenty of value residing in even the most dilapidated, damaged van. Aside from the value that lies in the materials from which vans are made, there are also plenty of parts which can be recovered and resold. So even if a van is just fit for scrapping, we will buy it because that is the basis for our business.

Of course not all non-runners are beyond hope, which is why we are also willing to buy repairable vans which are currently out of action for some reason. For example, while it may not be economically viable for you to get it repaired, we might have the means to fix it and sell it at a profit.

How does the recovery of my van work?

After you have used our website to get your van valued, we can arrange to come out and pick it up. We operate across the country, so as long as your van is somewhere in the mainland UK we can recover it.

Best of all, we do not charge for this service, meaning that our van valuations are entirely transparent and there are no hidden extras to worry about further down the line.

Bear in mind that we do inspect all vans before we collect them to make sure that they match the description you provide and to gauge the accuracy of our original valuation.

Sell a non-runner to us

If you have a non-runner van that needs to be recovered and you want to actually earn some cash as part of this process, contact We Buy Broken Vans online or give us a call on 0121 285 9859. You can also reach us via mobile on 07582 859 859.

Our team is experienced and also friendly, so feel free to get in touch any time and talk through your non-runner van issues.

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Why sell your broken van to us?

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