Damaged Van FAQs – Who Buys Old and Broken Vans?

Many of our customers have often been surprised that there is a market for old, faulty and broken vans. There are a number of typical questions which we are sometimes asked which we have summarised into this FAQ guide.
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Well for a start off it’s our business, it’s what we do. We are passionate about the repair and recycling of old and broken vans in what is an extremely environmentally conscious and aware business. We take delight in seeing old and broken vans becoming useful and valuable again once more.

Naturally, this is a business we make a profit in, but we are also through our extensive understanding of the market able to offer our customers a really competitive price for their old and broken vans.
Scrap and salvage are terms relating to what happens to the van after we have bought it.

Salvage vans will either:

  1. have their parts stripped so that other vehicles can be fixed or
  2. have their parts replaced making the van roadworthy and usable again

Scrapped vans will simply be scrapped for often their metal value. They will have reached the end of their natural life and are no longer economical to repair. All vehicles scrapped in the UK need to be scrapped at an ATF (authorised treatment facility). They responsibly dispose of a van to legal guidelines.
Unless otherwise stated we work on an operating assumption that owners are supplying a “complete vehicle”. Vans with parts removed naturally are not expected and will reduce the valuation of the van. The level of valuation reduction will depend on parts removed with engines and gearboxes costing more than parts such as brake pads and wiper blades as examples!We certainly do buy insurance write-off vehicles. These are a standard part of our business and we can often pay owners more than insurance companies are willing to pay, so call us now! Checkout our detailed page here, which also includes details about vans involved in accidents, which we also buy.

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We are experts in the broken van market and are confident we can buy your van. If you would prefer to contact us by mobile phone call 07582 859 859, you can also text us on this number.

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