Sell A Working Van

Nissan Primastar

We Buy Broken Vans are specialist buyers of Nissan Primastar used working vans. Whatever the condition of your van, sell it to us, this page focuses primarily on working vans but as our name suggests we are happy to buy broken Primastar’s too. Our service is designed to be hassle-free and give you speedy settlement for your van, thousands of van owners across the country have benefitted from this service, you can too!

Do you Want to Sell Nissan Primastar Used Working Vans?

By classing a van as working we are meaning a van which is free of major operational errors, i.e. a bit more than it starts! When selling a van to us we ask that you complete our valuation process (honestly) declaring any aspects affecting the van’s valuation. Any faults will naturally lower the vans valuation, but we pay a fair price based on the condition of the van as received by us.

We are very happy to buy broken or fully working Nissan Primastar used working vans. Kickstart the process by contacting us today and save yourself the hassle of working out how to sell your van!

To complete the sale of your van we will need to be given your V5C (Vehicle Registration Document), this is a legal requirement of the DVLA. Ideally leave this in your glovebox!

Other helpful documentation, but not 100% essential are a service history log, MOT certificate (we can check online for this) and receipts for previous jobs and parts.

Don’t let the fact that your Nissan Primastar has been declared a write-off by your insurance company. Instead, contact us and we are confident we can offer a higher valuation for your van than your insurance company will.

Insurance companies class write-off vans as “hassle”, whereas to us it’s our day to day business and “what we do”. Your van may be either a Cat C or Cat D write-off, either way we can offer a fair valuation for your van and speedy settlement too.

Ask yourself “Do I really want to sell privately?” There’s the hassle of “drumming up” interest, setting time aside for viewings or getting a fair price (nobody likes haggling!). Save yourself the time and trouble of private selling by selling your working Nissan Primastar to We Buy Broken Vans. We collect UK-nationwide, value your van through our online service now, a no-hassle/no-fuss service that is designed around the van owner.

We Buy Broken Vans – Specialist Buyers of Working Vans

Don’t let the name fool you, it is true that we buy broken vans (of course!), but we are also actively looking to buy working vans too! If you have a second-hand Nissan Primastar van for sale or any other, make/model of van why not give us a call? We can be contacted on 0121 285 9859 or call/text our mobile on 07582 859 859, view our contact us page for full details.

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