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Sell a Car for Spares or Parts

It’s easy to think “this car is worthless”, but to us (almost) every car has value. If for nothing else a car has value because of its worth in breaking down for spares or parts. Sell your car in confidence to us across the UK-mainland even if it is scrapped or a non-runner.

Avid buyers of cars for breaking down

Maybe your car has reached its end of life? If so, we’d love to buy it. Try our service which buys cars in all types of conditions, scrap cars, insurance write-offs and accident damaged cars. Naturally, breaking down a car for parts means it’s in a bad condition, we understand these cars are not perfect, so approach us to sell with confidence. Three reasons to sell to us include:

Value your car in just 2-3 minutes

Sell your car for scrap

Buying insurance write-offs

Used car buying solution

Does a hassle-free, fast service with free UK-mainland-wide service sound appealing? That’s right! Sell to us and we will collect your car, which is to be broken down for parts and spares for FREE. Learn more about how we maximise the use of these cars below:

Why is it worth avoiding the expense of buying parts?

Naturally, owners want to get their used cars “back on the road”, but sometimes it economically doesn’t stack up. Sometimes the price of buying parts is very expensive – manufacturers tend to charge a lot of money for original parts. We recommend everybody fully costs how much it will be to get their car repaired and if these funds are best used on repairs or not? Sometimes it will make more sense to sell to us and buy a different car – have you done the maths?

Why is there a demand for parts and spares?

It’s similar to how car scrapyards make business. Essentially cars are broken down and parts/spares are taken off to sell as second hand. Clearly, some parts are better than others and some such as engines/gearboxes are very likely to be reconditioned before use.

When selling a car for spares or parts it’s often similar to scrap a car. There are subtle differences, but ultimately, we buy either. So, maximise your income by selling to us now.

There is always some demand for second hand car parts provided that make and model is still driven on the roads. The cost of buying used parts tends to be a fraction of buying new parts as manufacturers tend to profiteer from this type of resales.

How do you value what a car is worth when it’s worth parts value?

All the required information needs to be entered into the valuation tool. Provided the age, mileage and condition information is entered accurately we should have no problem in providing an accurate valuation. What makes a car worth the parts value only is the condition information, which is entered.

Realise some income by selling to We Buy Broken Vans

You may be the owner of a wreck, a battered and undriveable car? No problem, We Buy Broken Vans will buy your car for spares and parts. We are collecting cars across the UK-mainland and will pay on the day of collection, even cars which won’t start.

Contact us through the following methods:

  • Landline phone – 0121 7941 899
  • Mobile phone – 07582 859 859 (text us too!)
  • Contact form – click this link


Don’t delay the process, receive a valuation in just 2-3 minutes and contact We Buy Broken Vans today.

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Why sell your broken van to us?

Do you have a van to sell? But you want a fair price, no hassle and quick payment? Then you have come to the right place!

7 day price guarantee on every valuation

Sell your van in an average time of 25 minutes

Have cash in your bank in 30 minutes

Avoid the hassle of a lengthy private sale