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We know our website is called “We Buy Broken Vans” but don’t let that fool you, we also regularly buy used cars. We buy models from all manufacturers, irrespective of condition. We tend to buy the cars that most garages and dealers won’t, we believe our service is great, but why not try it for yourself?

A quality used car buying service which is designed around the customer

Do you have a used car to sell? OK, then why not consider our used car buying service. We don’t just buy the best used cars; we buy ones with faults and problems. Regularly we buy MOT failures, cars beyond economic repair, cars for parts breakdown and for scrapping. We can help you to dispose of your car, why not contact us today?

Why sell to us? Here are just a few of the reasons:

We will collect your car for FREE
All cars bought, irrespective of the condition
No nonsense or hassle professional service

Let us buy your problem car

We are looking to buy used cars for sale. Not just working ones, but ones with all kinds of faults. Perhaps you have a major issue like a blown engine which is causing your car to be beyond economic repair. Whatever the reason, sell your car to We Buy Broken Vans. We detail below more information about how we buy used cars:

It sounds obvious – but what is a used car?

Essentially a used car is one, which is at least “second hand” and in all likelihood has had a number of owners. As a broken car buyer specialist, we are mainly focused on buying cars, which have known issues and may be a problem to sell elsewhere.

What sort of used cars do you buy?

We buy every imaginable type of used car as well as vans. This is our business, we buy used cars and use them for a multitude of purposes including parts breakdown and fix/repair, etc.

Read through the website to see what types of cars we buy, we have dedicated pages for selling a car home page, valuation, spares and parts, salvage, scrap, second hand and buying damaged cars. Check each/any of them out for further information.

How do you value my car?

Cars are valued through the valuation tool. Simply start by entering the registration number, then follow the screens to enter age, mileage and condition information. Press submit and we will provide a valuation ASAP afterwards.

Do you really mean irrespective of the condition?

Yes! We certainly do. We have developed a strong business through buying the cars that few other dealers want to buy. We intelligently use each car purchased for the maximum gain, which is why we can offer more than other dealers you may have spoken to.

As used car buying is our business, it’s our day-to-day focus. We have ways of using cars that other dealers won’t have, other methods and techniques. Put us to the test and you will truly see that we do buy irrespective of condition. There are incredibly few cars we won’t buy as virtually all cars have value even if it’s only as parts value or for scrap purposes.

Why delay? Use our professional service today

You may not entirely understand the reasons why we buy faulty cars, but it doesn’t matter, it’s what we do! Trust us, we want to buy your used car and will pay a fair competitive market price.

Contact We Buy Broken Vans today to start the process. Contact us on 0121 7941 899 or 07582 859 859 or complete our contact form.

Have a question? Visit our FAQs page for help or contact our team

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Why sell your broken van to us?

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