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Do you need to sell a salvage car? Many owners do when they realise the offer from their insurance company for their salvage car just isn’t high enough. This is how insurance companies make their money, so why not sell to us and heat the insurance company quote?

Buying salvage cars across the UK

Accidents are all too frequent and can result in many cars being classified as being worth salvage value only. Any car involved in an accident has a reduced value and many insurance companies unwisely settle for the insurance company low valuation.

It’s not the only option though. Owners are fully entitled to sell their salvage cars directly to businesses like We Buy Broken Vans. Sell to us and keep more money in your bank account.

Buying insurance write-offs today

Specialists in buying accident damaged cars

Collecting free across the mainland-UK

Why settle for the insurance company offer?

Indeed, why settle for a low offer? We will buy your car in virtually all cases for a much higher fee. You don’t have to sell via insurance, so it won’t cost anything other than a few minutes of your time to check out our valuation. Read more about our approach to salvage cars below:

Are you likely to beat the insurance company valuation?

As we said above, we are very likely to beat the insurance company offer. We are probably better in 95%+ of cases. Put us to the test, it will only take a few minutes (at most)!

Are salvage cars the same as scrap cars?

In general, they have similarities, but a salvage car is worth more than a scrap car and also is worth more than parts value. Most salvage cars are repairable, whereas scrap cars by their very nature are irrepairable. For further information, read our article “What is the difference between a salvage van and a scrap van?” – although this focuses on vans, the principle is largely the same.

Repair or sell a salvage car?

Repairing a salvage car can be worthwhile sometimes, particularly if you are in the motor trade and are accomplished at fixing second hand cars. It’s every owner’s right to repair, but salvage cars tend to have suffered extensive damage and as such require significant investment to repair.

Owners can avoid significant time and expense by selling to us. Often if the economics were calculated it’s not worth repairing a car. Remember if you plan to fix a car to add in your labour at your usual hourly rate. When selling a salvage car, sell to us and receive an offer much higher than the insurance company are likely to make.

If you are intending to use the car yourself after repairing it can be quite time-consuming to find cost-effective insurance. The car will still be classed as salvage, which will also mean the car will have less sales value to if the “would be buyer” completes an HPI check before purchase.

Contact We Buy Broken Vans to sell your salvage car

Sell your salvage car to We Buy Broken Vans and we are very confident that we can beat the quote from your insurance company. We collect used cars UK-nationwide for FREE and provide fair prices for cars bought. Check out the value of your damaged car today through using our valuation tool.

Phone us on 0121 7941 899 landline or by mobile on 07582 859 859. You can complete our contact form at this link.

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