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We are experts in buying Fiat Ducato vans of all types, whether they are in good working order or need repair. You can even get a valuation for a Fiat Ducato van (even a non-runner) on our site, with our fair prices making sure that you know exactly what your vehicle is worth.


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Fiat Ducato problems can be expensive to repair, which is where We Buy Broken Vans can be a huge benefit. We provide quick online valuations and pay all sellers as soon as possible to ensure total satisfaction.

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Fiat Ducato Faults – Highlighting Common Problems

In general, you can expect a Fiat Ducato to be a reliable van which does not suffer too many issues. But faults can still occur, so here are some of the most likely culprits we have encountered in the past:

The Ducato range is known for a lot of transmission troubles, both on manual and automatic gearboxes. This is more noticeable on the most powerful models in the range. Those with 2.3 or 3.0-litre diesel engines under the bonnet are more likely to see some form of transmission or clutch failure in the long run.

Unless the cambelt on a Ducato is swapped out for a new part once every three years, it will cause critical damage to the engine. This can leave you with a repair bill for thousands; if the entire engine is ruined, expect to pay £8000 for a replacement.

More recent examples of the Ducato are known to suffer from faulty electrics, which usually impacts the instrument cluster and other in-cab features. Repairing this can cost as much as £950, which is not cheap.

Both the brakes and suspension are obvious areas in which wear, and tear will take their toll, and the Ducato can exhibit more issues than some of its rivals in these areas. Without regular replacement and maintenance, a van can easily become a non-runner because of failures here.


Save on Spares – Sell Your Damaged Van Today

Are you overloaded with Fiat Ducato problems that are too expensive to fix? Is the cost of Ducato spares proving too much to manage? Jump on the We Buy Broken Vans website, enter your details in our valuation tool and get a quick quote for your vehicle that will solve all your Fiat Ducato problems. Even if your Ducato is a non-runner, our specialist team will be able to help you out today. So, why delay contacting us, we can collect your van in the next 2-3 days?

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