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We know more about Mercedes Sprinter faults than anyone else, which puts us in the best position to make you a competitive offer for your van. Even if it needs extensive repairs or a lot of Sprinter spares, we buy damaged and roadworthy examples of all types.

We Buy Broken Vans – Expert Valuations on any Damaged Sprinter

If you want to save on Mercedes Sprinter repairs and get a good price for your premium LCV, we provide quick valuations and speedy payments so that customers get the best-selling experience.

Use our online tool to value your van, or contact us on the phone, via email or with a text message. You can enjoy these benefits with We Buy Broken Vans:

Typical Faults and Flaws Identified

This manufacturer is known for the reliability and build quality of all its vehicles. But the following common Mercedes Sprinter problems are still worth taking into account:

If your Sprinter has done more than 100,000 miles and the propshaft has yet to fail, then this is probably just around the corner. Official dealers will ask for at least £800 for this part, with labour costs added on top. Injection engines are not immune to faults, and Sprinter vans will frequently end up with problems in this area. They can be caused when seals degrade over time, leading to the entire engine failing. Catch it early enough and repair costs can be around £500, which is expensive, but cheaper than a full engine replacement.

The engine control unit helps to keep a van ticking over smoothly. But as it ages, several faults can crop up and make it behave unusually. In the Sprinter, problems with the electronics and the wiring can lead the ECU astray.

When a manufacturer recalls a vehicle, it is clear that a serious problem has been discovered. The Sprinter underwent a recall as a result of problems with fuel leaks. The fuel pump was also pinpointed as being vulnerable to faults.

Sell A Non-Runner Van Today

Are Sprinter problems getting you down? Is your Sprinter non-runner costing you too much cash? Maybe you even own a Cat D Mercedes Sprinter that has been involved in an accident? Whatever your circumstances, you can get a valuation for your van right here on our site. Our free tool will give you a quote quickly and we can salvage Sprinter models of almost any condition.

Here at We Buy Broken Vans we work hard to make our prices as fair as possible, even if Mercedes Sprinter spares are needed to bring your van back to life. So take the initiative and give us a ring on 0121 285 9859 to see if we can put a smile on your face. Our text hotline is on 07582 859 859, so you can message us for more information as well.

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