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We Buy Broken Vans will value your Vito non-runner and snap it up at a price that is extremely competitive. Our site is the best place to sell a van, rather than paying for Mercedes Vito repairs that can be expensive. We also buy vans that are in good working order, making us a straightforward sales option for any owner.

We Buy Broken Vans – Specialists in Buying Non-Runner Mercedes Vito Vans

Are you fed up with having to fix your van with Mercedes Vito spares on a regular basis? Get a valuation on your vehicle through our free online tool and see what it is worth today.

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Mercedes Vito Faults and Quirks

In general, this van range has a good reputation for reliability. But here are a few of the problems that can crop up and leave you with a non-runner Mercedes Vito on your hands:

Injectors units in the engine can work themselves loose over time or develop a nasty black build-up because the seals have failed. This will lead to sloppy performance and eventually take the engine out of action altogether, which is expensive to fix.The suspension can soak up a lot of punishment in most vans, but Vito models are known to suffer issues if an air suspension system is chosen. If the pump stops working or the valves are past their prime, ride quality will suffer and handling will become much worse.Customers report that the exhaust system of the Vito is susceptible to degrading over time. If this is not addressed, small cracks can grow into large fractures and the van will be difficult to drive, as well as an environmental hazard.For auto editions of the Vito, flaws which are not detected early can lead to costly repairs further down the line. The transmission is a complicated beast which can mask these faults quite well until it is too late.

We Can Buy Your Problem Van Today!

Are you being plagued by Mercedes Vito problems? Do you want to avoid having to pay for official Vito spares that are out of your price range? Now is the best time to contact We Buy Broken Vans and let us value your faulty LCV for free. Our quotes are always competitive and based on our years of experience. So whatever Vito faults you have on your plate, we can get you a good price.

We have worked extensively with this type of van and have encountered Vito problems of all types. This means we are in a great position to give you an offer, even if the vehicle is not drivable. Call our hotline on 0121 285 9859 and chat with us about the services we provide. Alternatively, you can text 07582 859 859 to start a message conversation and get in touch while you are out and about.

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