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Having a faulty Nissan Primastar van is a problem, but we can help. We Buy Broken Vans are specialist buyers of this model and can provide a hassle-free speedy solution to selling your van. Read on to learn about our service for Nissan Primastar vans.

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If you have a Nissan Primastar van to sell whether it is faulty or in full working order, we are interested in hearing from you. We Buy Broken Vans are keen buyers of this van, contact us today for a fair price and speedy payment.

Simply phone, text or email We Buy Broken Vans now, here are some reasons to use us:

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Nissan Primastar Faults and Problems

Nissan Primastar vans are generally popular amongst their owners who keep them typically for many years. As the van grows older a number of Nissan Primastar faults tend to arise, some of the more common are:

For owners having the optional automated transmission, they can have a number of problems with the gearbox. Many owners have reported issues with the automated gear selection, which are then costly to diagnose and repair.

A problem also seen with Vauxhall Vivaro and Renault Trafic vans the BBC Watchdog programme has previously highlighted an issue with seized injectors. The issue is that water accumulates in the engine bay area, which over time causes the injector to seize. Owners have found that once seized the injectors become virtually impossible to remove, in some cases a full engine replacement has been needed.

Amongst the Nissan Primastar problems are notorious starting related issues. Owners have reported a number of issues, some of which are low-cost to resolve and others higher cost. Diagnosis is challenging and can lead owners to have to use several garages to find the fault. Issues (amongst others) include glow plugs, fuel pump and worn injectors.

Owners have reported issues with the timing chains snapping on the Nissan Primastar. The van warranty covers up to 60,000 miles for the timing chain, but many owners have found the timing chain snapping between 60,000 – 100,000 miles. So, replacement is key as consequential engine damage will cost £000’s to repair.

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We have said it already but in case you are in any doubt we really do buy faulty Nissan Primastar vans – we are just a phone call away!

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