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If Peugeot Boxer problems are causing you stress, We Buy Broken Vans is the perfect antidote. Get a fast, free online valuation for your damaged Boxer on our site. We also buy working vans of all shapes and sizes, with prices that are fair for every customer.

We Buy Broken Vans – How We Can Help

Do not let Peugeot Boxer faults hit your bank balance; sell your van to us for competitive valuations and speedy payments, no matter its condition.

To find out the value of your van, you can also call, text or email us directly. There are plenty of benefits to selling to us, including:

Peugeot Boxer Faults We Commonly Encounter

As one of the top LCV ranges around, the Boxer is known to be a consistent performer. But as we deal in damaged examples, we know about all the common complaints that can arise, including:
The reliability of the Boxer’s diesel engine is rock solid, but like any van, it can still suffer cambelt issues. If this belt fails, then it could spell disaster for the entire engine and leave you with a non-runner taking up space.
A poorly maintained auto transmission can start to disengage gears erratically and perform poorly, especially at low speeds. A simple fluid replacement might solve the issue, but if it doesn’t then the entire gearbox will have to go.
If your Boxer has a lot of miles on the clock, from 100,000 onwards, it is increasingly likely that an alternator fault will occur. Until it does, there is no way of knowing how much time you have left without extensive maintenance work. Battery issues can also arise as a result of this and hit reliability hard. The wiring of a Boxer is liable to corrosion and failure, which can cause problems with everything from the central locking to the starter motor. Some basic wiring fixes are relatively affordable, but faults can point to deeper problems lying beneath the surface.

Sell a Damaged Peugeot Boxer Van to Us

Do you need more Peugeot Boxer spares than you can afford to get your broken van back on the road? Has your van been in an accident that has left it in need of expensive repairs? Take advantage of our free online valuation tool and get a quick quote to let you know how much your non-runner Boxer is worth. Whatever faults and flaws it has, We Buy Broken Vans will be able to take it off your hands.

Benefit from our years of experience with damaged Boxer vans and get in touch today by calling 0121 285 9859. You can also drop us a text message on 07582 859 859. We are here to help you out in whatever way we can.
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