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As specialist buyers of Vauxhall Movano vans, we are proud to offer competitive valuations based on our vast knowledge and experience of these types of vans. No matter whether your Vauxhall Movano is fully working, broken down or only suitable for Movano spares, we can always be relied on to provide easy, fast payment to all sellers.

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If you’re looking for a fair price and quick sale for your Vauxhall Movano Van, then why not get in touch with We Buy Broken Vans today. All you need to do is call, email or text us with your van details. Here are just some of the reasons to sell to us:

Vauxhall Movano Faults and Mechanical Problems

Vauxhall Movano vans are considered to be well built and serious Movano part failures are uncommon. However, Vauxhall Movano problems can still occur just like any other brand which can be expensive and stressful. Here we have listed some of the most common Vauxhall Movano problems we have seen on these vans:

The most common issue we see with the transmission in Vauxhall Movano vans is over-wearing of the bearings or total failure of the gearbox altogether. Beginning with a humming noise with speeds over 40mph along with a whining noise in higher gears, if the issue is not fixed promptly the resulting failure of the bearings usually leads to total engine failure. When this happens the van will generally have to be scrapped.

In diesel engines, the EGR valve’s function is to enable exhaust gas to find its way back inside the intake manifold. Intake air mixes with exhaust gases and in doing so the combustion process is naturally cooled. Any excess gas then recirculates to prevent a build-up of Nitrogen originating gases. It’s an excess of these gases which causes the emissions component of the MOT test to fail. Regrettably, EGR valves tend to become stuck which leads to nitrogen gases building up.

Vauxhall Movano cambelt replacement should be within five years or 72,000 miles (whichever is sooner). Although cambelts are pricey and it’s tempting not to bother replacing them if they fail then several thousand pounds will be needed for a new engine as the damage will be extensive.

Vauxhall Movano problems may also include severe leaks from the injectors. Not only will this mean the cost of getting it fixed is likely to be very high, if the problem is left unchecked the van is likely to break down completely.

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Do you have a broken or damaged van to sell? Perhaps Vauxhall Movano spares are proving expensive or difficult to find? Simply enter your reg# and details into our free online valuation tool to see what your van’s worth, even if it has some of Vauxhall Movano faults above. At We Buy Broken Vans we have vast experience in buying Vauxhall Movano Vans and guarantee to offer you a fair price for your van even if it has faults, damage or doesn’t run. Why not call us now on 0121 285 9859 to begin the process? If you prefer mobile, then call/text us now on 07582 859 859.

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