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Volkswagon Crafter

Our company will buy your Volkswagen Crafter van, with instant online valuation and great prices on all examples. Whether your Crafter needs spares to get up and running or is still in good condition, our service is the quickest way to sell a van and get a prompt payment every time.

Sell Your Van Today and Solve Your Volkswagen Crafter Problems

Any Volkswagen Crafter which had been damaged in a collision or suffered wear and tear over time can be sold to us. Our prices are always fair and we pay sellers quickly.

To find out how much your Crafter is worth, just drop us a line with its details and we can get to work. But why choose to sell to us?

Volkswagen Crafter Spares and Faults

Even with its premium branding and reputation for reliability, the Crafter can still end up needing repairs. Check out this rundown of problems that owners are likely to encounter:

The TDI engine on a Crafter is powerful and efficient, but the turbo is known to fail, according to the RAC. This will cause smoke to billow from the exhaust and will also produce odd engine noises.

VW’s official recommendation is that the cambelt of the Crafter be replaced once every 80,000 miles, or after four years on the road. If this schedule is not kept, then the whole engine may need to be replaced following its failure. This is the most expensive of the Volkswagen Crafter problems that can occur.

If there is oil leaking onto the ground beneath a Crafter, then the differential may be faulty. Once the manufacturer’s warranty has expired, you might find that repairing this could be costly. If left untreated, worse mechanical failures are inevitable.

The Shiftmatic gearbox available on certain Crafter vans can run into trouble, especially after 100,000 miles. Replacing it will costs thousands; usually, more than the van is worth.

Sell Your Damaged Van to We Buy Broken Vans

Do you want to avoid the high cost of using Volkswagen Crafter spares to fix your van? Has your Crafter been in an accident that has left you faced with a big repair bill? Save yourself a lot of trouble by using our online valuation tool to work out exactly how much your damaged van is worth. All you need is the registration number and a few spare minutes.

Our team will help you make the most of your broken van, with competitive prices offered on Crafter models of all types and ages. Call us today on 0121 285 9859 to get the ball rolling. You can text us on 07582 859 859 if you would rather use your mobile to get in touch with We Buy Broken Vans.

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