Sell My Mercedes Vito

Are you being plagued by Mercedes Vito problems? Do you want to avoid having to pay for official Vito spares that are out of your price range? Let us value your faulty LCV for free, with an instant quote sent directly to your inbox.

Mercedes Vito

How does selling my van work?

3 easy steps


Agree A Fair Value

Give us your registration plate number and a few details about your van and we’ll do the rest. In a few seconds, you’ll find out exactly how much cash you can get for your Mercedes Vito, what


No-Quibble Collection

Don’t worry about dropping off your van at a depot: we pick up from you. Just tell us when suits and we’ll be at your door. No faff, no fuss and no waiting around.


Instant Payment

Once our hotshot recovery team are at your door, there’s no messing around: just cold, hard cash wired directly to your bank account and your van loaded up and taken away. All that’s left is for you to make a brew, take a seat and relax.

Is it worth selling your Mercedes Vito van?

In general, the Mercedes Vito range has a good reputation for reliability and as a vehicle that serves well for many years. However, as with any van, problems can arise and it can be hard to know when’s the right time to bid farewell to your trusty Vito. 

Our mechanics know how to repair all sorts of faults found on Mercedes Vito vans, which is why we’re keen to buy yours, regardless of whether it’s brand new or suffering from dodgy suspension. From valuation to pick up can take as little as an hour, with no effort or wasted time on your part. 

Keen to see what issues your Mercedes Vito might be facing? Here are the most common faults these vans experience and the steps you’ll need to do to fix them. 


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