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Emergency Service Vans

LCVs can fill a lot of roles in emergency service operations, from mountain rescue to police support units and beyond. When these vehicles come to the end of their life or have their usefulness cut short by faults and damage, they can become a burden. Irrespective of the cause, we will buy emergency service van models from across the country and provide various perks as part of our service, including online valuation and free collection.

Why sell an emergency service van to us?

There are a lot of good reasons that should convince you to get in touch with We Buy Broken Vans if you have an out of action emergency service vehicle to offload. Firstly, we have an experienced and friendly team of people who will help you out if you have any questions during the sales process. Since we provide unambiguous online valuations for vehicles before collection, there will also be no nasty surprises to worry about.

Secondly, we can pick up a second-hand emergency service van (such as a used ambulance or used police van) from almost anywhere in Britain, so long as it is on the mainland. This includes city premises and countryside locations alike. We do not charge extra for collection either, which is seen as an advantage by all of our existing customers. Finally, we do not discriminate based on the condition of the van. It can be in full working order or completely crammed with components that have given up the ghost. Because we consider vans from every brand, it is always worth seeing what we will offer to buy an emergency service van from you.

Selling a faulty van is easy

Want to know more about the kinds of faults and damage that we typically expect to see when we buy emergency service vans? These faults can include:

Our experts know how to handle vans which are ready to be scrapped, sold for parts value or dealt with in the aftermath of accident damage.

We buy emergency service vans from all manufacturers

The make and model of the emergency service van you have to sell is unlikely to be a sticking point if you get in touch with We Buy Broken Vans. Manufacturers from around the world contribute vehicles for emergency service work, with third-party adaptations applied to ensure that they are fit for purpose. We will snap up vans from Renault, Nissan, Iveco, Ford and lots of other brands so that your life is made a lot easier.

Send us your info to sell your van swiftly

Contacting the We Buy Broken Vans team is straightforward; you just need to check out our contact page where our email form is found. We will reply to any message we receive as quickly as possible from Monday to Friday inclusive, but please be patient if you get in touch outside of the working week.   Image Credit: Rob Allday

Have a question? Visit our FAQs page for help or contact our team

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Why sell your broken van to us?

Do you have a van to sell? But you want a fair price, no hassle and quick payment? Then you have come to the right place!

7 day price guarantee on every valuation

Sell your van in an average time of 25 minutes

Have cash in your bank in 30 minutes

Avoid the hassle of a lengthy private sale