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Everybody gets attached to their vans, they are far more than “getting from A to B” and often a reliable companion on many long trips. As they get older though they generally get less trustworthy and begin to suffer from increasing numbers of mechanical faults and problems.

At times like this, it can make great sense to sell your van. Sell to We Buy Broken Vans and we can offer competitive prices for your old van. Read on to learn more about our service.

When do older vans become beyond economical repair?

Simply put old vans become beyond economic repair when the costs of repair exceed the value of the van. So, for example, a van worth £500 wouldn’t be able to justify a new gearbox or replacement engine as the repair costs far exceed its value.

This is not as likely to be the case with new vans as their overall value can justify larger repairs in the early years of a van’s life.

What do we class as old vans?

We buy old vans, but we do have a limit. Currently, we are buying vans from 2001, so that covers the majority of vans on the UK roads today.

We broadly class old vans as ones which are at least ten years old. So, at the time of writing this means vans which were registered in 2009 or before.

Therefore, if you have a van, which was registered between 2001 and 2009 we would class that as an old van. We Buy Broken Vans are very interested in buying vans of this age, it’s our core market for either repairing or breaking down for spares.

Why old vans still have a value

Many people incorrectly think that old vans have minimal value. This is particularly the case if the van has been written-off by an insurance company or perhaps is beyond economic repair due to mechanical faults such as engine problems, broken cambelts or a faulty gearbox.

Old vans still have value though, for their spares value. New parts direct from manufacturers are notoriously expensive. In most cases, it’s far cheaper to buy second-hand parts from cannibalised vans. This is particularly the case where the recipient van has a low value and therefore can’t justify expensive new parts being purchased.

In cases where an old van needs repairs, the van may become economic to repair once again due to the use of cannibalised parts. This is one of the reasons we buy such vans as we can either strip down for parts or undertake repairs ourselves and make the van roadworthy once more.

Contacting us starts the process

Starting the process to sell your old van is as easy as could be! Simply contact us and we can buy your van quickly and with minimum inconvenience.

We collect UK-mainland wide from a UK accessible postcode of your choice. We can be called at 0121 285 9859 (landline) or 07582 859 859 (mobile – text us here too).


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