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Buy Used Gumtree Vans

Selling used vans on Gumtree might seem like a good idea but there are lots of alternatives to consider. Find out about why We Buy Broken Vans might be the answer to your problems if your experience of Gumtree has left you cold.

Buying & selling vans on Gumtree

In the world of online marketplaces, Gumtree is arguably the best option for anyone who wants to offload pre-owned products locally. It now faces competition from the likes of Facebook Marketplace, although it is still very popular for buying and selling alike.

You can browse used Gumtree vans and see thousands of listings available nationally, which might make it seem like a good starting point if you have an old van you want to sell. However, this is not always a straightforward process and could be downright frustrating in some cases.

Potential pitfalls

With so many used Gumtree vans available, getting your listing exposure usually means paying to get it featured. This means you will already be out of pocket even if you do sell.

Another concern is dealing with private buyers who might waste your time, haggle mercilessly or cause problems when it comes to coughing up the cash.

Finally, there is the likelihood that if your van is a non-runner or has some other serious issue that might put off prospective buyers, your listing might languish on Gumtree for a long period, with no definitive endpoint in sight.

Appealing alternatives

Should you be sceptical about selling vans on Gumtree, getting a quote from We Buy Broken Vans is a much better option.

Not only will we value your vehicle in a matter of minutes thanks to our online tool but we will also make the rest of the sales process completely free of stress.

We will come out to inspect your used van after making an offer and we will also collect it from you directly, as well as sending the agreed payment to your bank account in a jiffy.

No strings attached

Even if you have an old van that is past its prime, or is even completely beyond repair, we will still give you a competitive quote. While Gumtree users might run a mile from non-runners, we embrace them with open arms.

You can also benefit from our brand-agnostic take on buying used vans. So long as your van was made in 2001 or later, we will gladly buy it, no matter the make or model plastered on the bonnet.

The types of used van we buy include the Nissan Navara, the Renault Master, the Fiat Doblo and the VW Transporter. We even buy insurance write-offs such as Cat C and Cat D vans.

Email or call to sell a used van

Make life easy for yourself and let us buy your broken van rather than getting aggravated over on Gumtree. You can contact us online or call our team on 0121 285 9859 or by mobile on 07582 859 859 to find out more about the services we offer.


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