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Buy Used Luton Vans

Luton vans are an effective option for shifting cargo and equipment if you need a vehicle with more space on board than a standard panel van. If you are looking to sell used vans including Luton’s, the team at We Buy Broken Vans will be able to help.

Specific features

You might not think you know what a Luton van is if you have never heard the term before. However, it is highly likely that you have seen one many times while out and about since they are very popular for a variety of commercial endeavours.

What makes used Luton’s very good for removals, in particular, is the design of the enclosed box body they all possess. This rises above the roof level of the cab, giving greater volume in the cargo area and meaning that larger, more awkwardly shaped loads can be accommodated with ease.

Interesting history

The name “Luton” comes from the Bedfordshire town itself, where early versions of this type of van were developed to shift large numbers of hats that were packaged in a way which made a higher roof necessary.

Today there is no single brand of Luton van; instead, most of the major automakers who dabble in the van market have their own iteration of this. It is also possible to order Luton-style vans which have been adapted from the platforms of standard models by third-party firms.

Whichever brand of Luton you own, whether it be a Fiat, an Iveco, a Peugeot or a Vauxhall, we can take it off your hands for a competitive price.

Sell non-runner Luton vans

Because these vans have been in demand for decades, there are plenty of older models which have reached the end of their life spans and need to be dealt with.

We Buy Broken Vans will happily make an offer on almost any Luton model made from 2001 onwards. You can get a quote for your van even if it is not at all roadworthy, whether as a result of normal wear and tear or due to damage that resulted from an accident.

We buy damaged and broken vans of all types, including Cat D vans that have been written off and vehicles that have failed their MOT.

Why sell to us?

Sell a used Luton van to us if you want to steer clear of the usual problems you might encounter if you chose to sell privately or to a scrap dealer.

We not only give a 7-day guarantee on the offers we make but we also send out experts to inspect and collect vans from customers, as well as providing prompt payment once we have taken the van off your hands.

Get in touch for more information

Let We Buy Broken Vans solve your damaged Luton issues by heading to our contact page to send us an email or giving our team a call today on 0121 285 9859 or via our mobile at 07582 859 859. Use our van valuation tool for a quick quote online.


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