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Cat D Vans for Sale? – Sell to We Buy Broken Vans

Van insurance is a complicated business involving a number of different categories. Vehicles which are classified under cat D are typically those which have received a light amount of damage in an accident or have been stolen and recovered. In October 2017, cat D was superceded by cat N. Even if the van is still entirely roadworthy, insurers may provide payment on a claim which is well below its market value. We Buy Broken Vans gives you the option to see if you can get more money for your vehicle after an accident.

We Buy Cat D Written Off Vans

Anyone with cat D vans for sale needs to take advantage of our free online valuation tool. We can buy your damaged van and pay you quickly so that it does not have to be a burden for an extended period. Our offers are always fair and we will even collect the vehicle from you so that you can get a fresh start as soon as possible.


Incidents that lead to a van becoming a cat D write-off are all too common. This category includes vans which can be repaired for less than their current value, which creates a confusing situation for owners.

Rather than jumping through a lot of hoops and accepting the offer of your insurer, especially if the damage is light, it is a good idea to sell your damaged LCV to We Buy Broken Vans. We also buy more seriously compromised cat C write-offs, as well as non-runners and vans that are only good for spares.

When you get told that your van is a write-off by an insurer, it can make your heart sink. If it is a cat D case, you might wonder why the offer they give is so low. The good news is that you do not have to settle for this, and the value of your van could be higher than you think.

You have the legal right to offer your cat D van for sale. So rather than wrangling with insurers and paying through the nose for repairs, why not get in touch with We Buy Broken vans and see what we can do to help?

The market for accident-damaged and recovered vans can be a minefield and is more hassle than it’s worth to get involved with. The best solution is to sidestep private sales and insurer offers altogether. Instead, you can get a competitive valuation on our site with your reg number and details in an instant.


We Buy Broken Vans – Sell Your Van Fast!

We Buy Broken Vans is dedicated to helping owners of cat D vans sell their written off and accident damaged vehicles without any of the usual hurdles that this process can involve. We have lots of experience valuing and buying write-off vehicles of all shapes and sizes, which is why the quality of our customer service is second to none.

Call us direct on our landline number of 0121 285 9859 and we can provide immediate assistance. Some of our customers would rather text us, which you can also send a message to 07582 859 859 for a fast response.


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