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What’s in a name – well everything to us! We Buy Broken Vans is exactly what we do. If you have a damaged or broken van to sell look no further than us. We will professionally manage your enquiry, offer a fair price and speedy settlement for your van.

We Buy Broken Vans – Buying Damaged & Broken Vans Now

We guess if you are reading this page that you probably have a damaged or broken van. Well if you do you have come to the right place. We buy all types and brands of vans whether they are faulty or perfectly roadworthy. Why not call us to dispose of your faulty van and concentrate on your day job by buying a new van!
We buy all types of damaged vans and have seen pretty much about every kind of damage over the years!

A common category of damaged van we buy are due to accidents. Whether these are part of an insurance write-off or not we can potentially buy vans involved in accidents, the value depends on the damage extent. Many owners sell vans to us due to bodywork issues, which whilst the van is still working cause the resale value to reduce.

There are many other types of damage, examples include vandalism, fire and rust, whatever the type of damage speak to use, and we may be able to buy your vehicle.
Look around this site and you will see many reasons for vans becoming broken. These are usually mechanical in nature and include major repairs such as cambelt replacement, DPF repairs and replacement, ECU remapping, engine repairs and replacement, gearbox related issues, wiring loom repairs and many more.

The usual reason for selling a vehicle to ourselves is that they become past their economic value, i.e. repair costs are more than the value the car could be sold for to the private market.

The Challenges of Selling a Van Which is Damaged or Broken

Ask yourself the question – “Would I want to buy a van which is broken?” Unless you are a mechanic intent on fixing the van, the chances are the answer is “no”. Buyers don’t want the hassle of repairing a van, unless of course the van is sold “on the cheap” and they can turn a profit on fixing the van. Save yourself the hassle and use our customer centered service to sell your van today. Use our free valuation tool to check the value of your van within minutes.

The Easy Way to Sell Broken Vans Today!

If you have a broken or damaged van for sale that you need to convert to cash the solution is simple – sell the van to We Buy Broken Vans. Our name speaks for itself of a service which makes it easy and hassle-free to sell broken vans.

Call us on 0121 285 9859 or 07582 859 859 (if you prefer mobiles). Alternatively, text via the mobile number or email us directly. We love to hear from previous and new customers alike!

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Why sell your broken van to us?

Do you have a van to sell? But you want a fair price, no hassle and quick payment? Then you have come to the right place!

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