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Ex AA Van Buyers

The AA market themselves as Britain’s fourth emergency service. It’s a catchy piece of branding, and it’s one that raises an interesting question.

Just who does the nation’s biggest vehicle breakdown service contact when their own fleet vans cease to function? Do they swallow their pride and call in Green Flag or RAC? Or do they look to cut their losses and sell the van?

If it’s the latter, We Buy Broken Vans are willing buyers. We are always on the lookout for vans that are no longer fit for use on the road, and as a result, we’re more than willing to considering purchasing a broken-down ex-AA van. It doesn’t matter what condition the vehicle is in.

I can’t fix this van, and I work for the AA!

We completely understand if you’re cynical about this pitch. After all, if you’re the owner of an ex-AA van, you will likely know your way around engine trouble and mechanical faults. If you can’t get this vehicle back on the road and it’s a non-runner what hope is there?

Don’t worry – we are not questioning or insulting your vehicular know-how. The fact is, we purchase vans for a range of reasons. Even if your famous yellow van will never again tow a distressed family from the hard shoulder of the M1, we’ll find a use for the parts (as a minimum).

These may be aesthetic, they may be mechanical, or they may just be scrap. This is why we consider purchasing any van, from roadside recovery vehicles to ex-Water Board vans. Either way, we’re willing to pay you for your vehicle and remove it from your property.

What do you offer me that nobody else does?

In a word, convenience. We are keen to make the process of selling your van as smooth, simple and painless as possible for you. We won’t waste your time by changing our minds at the last minute, and we won’t compile a list of spurious reasons why we are dropping our quoted valuation.

On top of this, we’ll come to you throughout the whole process. You can retain complete control over your schedule. If you accept the valuation provided in our initial quote, we’ll visit you for an inspection. You name the place and time, and we’ll be there – typically within three working days.

After this, once an inspection is complete and we’ve shaken hands on a deal, we’ll remove the van and transfer over the funds. You can even decide how we do that. Bank transfer or PayPal? You’re the boss.

OK, I’ll consider selling you my van

That’s great news. All we need from you to get the ball rolling is to pop the vehicle’s registration number into the tool on our home page. We will offer an initial valuation based on this.

If the price we offer doesn’t suit you, then no hard feelings. We wish you very best of luck with your future endeavours. If it does, then we proceed with the inspection and offer.

There is no simpler way of selling an ex-AA van. You’ll get the vehicle off your property, earn some cash back in the process, and rest assured that your loyal van will continue to serve a noble purpose. We’d never be so bold as to call ourselves the country’s fifth emergency service, but if the cap fits… Contact us to find out more.


Image Credit: TQ3976

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