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Vans used by local authorities come in a range of shapes and sizes. This is because their drivers are expected to perform a wide range of different tasks. One day, the van may be used to clear out a derelict property. The next, it may be required to transport a tree that has been cut down.

Whatever the purpose of a council van, you can be assured that they’ll see plenty of use. In addition, they’re often available for sale. This may be because the van is broken down and out-dated. Alternatively, it could just be a matter of the local authority rebranding. Either way, if a council has vans to sell, we are interested in purchasing them.


We’ll consider buying an entire fleet of ex-council vans

Are you local authority that has just changed your logo? Maybe you decided that it was time to update your entire fleet of vans at once? Perhaps you were the victim of criminal damage at a depot, and figure it would be cheaper to replace than repair? Whatever the reason, you may have a fleet of used vehicles of sell. Enter We Buy Broken Vans.

We’re more than happy with buying solo ex-council vans, but if you have a fleet of inoperative vehicles, we’ll quote for those too. The condition of the vans doesn’t matter. We do not discriminate. If we can find a purpose for a van for sale – and we invariably can – we’ll make an offer to buy it.

We’ll buy ex-council vans from private sellers, too

It’s very possible that a member of the public will have purchased a former council van. Like ex-National Rail vans, ex-council vans have a range of purposes. The occupants may have needed to spend some time inside them, and thus applied additional mod cons.

We don’t mind if you’re looking to sell your van because these facilities no longer work. We Buy Broken Vans consider any vehicle, and you’d be surprised at the uses we can find. Just give us a chance to take a look at your inactive van. Even if you consider it worthless or damaged, we’ll still likely make you an offer to buy your van.

We’ll consider paying for any ex-council van, no matter the condition

Ex-council vans are likely to see a great deal of wear and tear. We understand this. Sure, they may not be as battered as an ex-military or army van, but there will still be plenty of use.

This will not put us off buying an ex-council van. If the vehicle can be replenished to its former glory, we’ll be able to do so. If it cannot, we’ll find another use for it. Rest assured that no broken van is useless in our eyes.

If you have an ex-council van available for sale, let us know. Remember, it doesn’t matter if it’s inactive and inadequate for your needs. We will provide a fair and reasonable quote and take the van off your hands within three days. How’s that for efficiency?


Image Credit: Albert Bridge

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