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Welcome to the ex-fleet van buyers page of our website. If you have a van to sell which is ex-fleet, we are the perfect place, as we buy vans of varying conditions, all the way from written-off vans to working vans. We are experienced buyers of broken/damaged vans, so know the types of conditions to expect, sell your van through us today.

What type of ex-fleet vans are we buying?

We are buying all types of ex-fleet vans (see related pages links later in the page). There are many different types of vans from police vans, postal vans, BT/Virgin Media vans to energy company vans, etc. We are looking to buy any of these vans, we pay a fair price based on various factors such as age, mileage and general condition.

We buy broken as well as working vans

It is true to say that most of the vans we buy are broken (hence our name!), but not all of them as we also buy working vans too on a regular basis. A higher proportion of ex-fleet vans we buy are working and operational as the reason for sale is often that they have reached the end of a lease or there are company policies about how long they are kept on the fleet. This being the case we buy many fleet vans, which are fully operational, and this is absolutely fine. As said before, the price we pay is based on various criteria and the fact a van works generally means our valuation is higher!

The types of fleet vans we buy

Here is a summary of why we are leading ex-fleet van buyers, we buy:

For more information about how the selling process works, visit our FAQ pages, which will provide everything you need to know.

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Sell your van to us today – we are ex-fleet van buyers

What are you waiting for? If you have ex-fleet vans to sell, irrespective of their condition then contact We Buy Broken Vans today. We should be your initial choice as we provide fair valuations and collect for free UK-nationwide. Whatever the make/model, whatever its faults, we want to buy your van!

Why not try our valuation tool for free today, you may be pleasantly surprised with the valuation, which only takes 2-3 minutes to complete.

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