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Green Flag is a comparatively new kid on the roadside rescue block, established in 1971 they are arguably not as well-known as the AA or RAC. All the same, the business is continuing to grow, meaning that Green Flag vans are an increasingly common sight on the UK’s roads.

With expansion comes growth. It’s increasingly likely that Green Flag will need to retire a number of their vehicles, replacing them with newer, shinier models. What becomes of these vans when they’re no longer in active use? The business has two options. Let them rust and waste away, or sell their fleet vans to a willing buyer.

This could be a private buyer; somebody that is looking for a sizable van for personal or business use. Alternatively, We Buy Broken Vans can pick up the pieces and purchase an ex-Green Flag van.

My Green Flag van is ready for retirement

Even the most reliable and sturdy roadside recovery van will eventually give up the ghost. Think of this as your vehicle eventually waving a white flag. That’s not a concern for us. As the name of our business suggests, we’re not expecting a van to be in perfect condition.

We will always find a use for a broken-down vehicle that seems otherwise useless. Think of it this way; you can pay somebody to take your van away to scrap, or you can earn money instead – with the same end result. We’re not economists, but we’re quite confident in our belief that gaining money is better than spending it.

Why are you interested in my van? It’s old and riddled with faults

As we said, we’re not expecting a high-performing Ferrari. We are experts in the realm of broken vans and will always find a purpose for your van. With countless other vehicles on our books, including the likes of Water Board, Network Rail and Council vans, we’re used to thinking outside the box.

Now the valuation that we can offer will reflect any issues with the van. We’re made of pretty sturdy stuff. We won’t be frightened off by mechanical faults, thousands of miles on the clock or fundamental damage to the van’s exterior, cambelt, engine or wiring loom, etc. We work with what we have in front of us.

As long as the vehicle remains road legal and registered in the UK, we’ll take a look and make a serious offer. Once we get the van back to our HQ, we’ll decide how best to proceed.

Let’s make a deal

If you’re ready to part with your van, we’ll make the process fast and simple. To begin with, all you’ll need to do is share some basic information. Based on the registration number of your van, we’ll crunch some numbers and make a provisional offer for your vehicle.

The majority of the time, this offer will stand firm. Naturally, though, we’ll need to take a look at the van before signing any contracts. If you’re happy with the price we offer, we’ll arrange a visit to assess the vehicle in person. From there, a financial offer will be finalised.

If you remain happy, there’s nothing left for you to do but think about how you’ll spend your earnings. We’ll make sure you receive your money same-day and take the van away ourselves – even non-runner vans are no problem. Contact us to start discussions.


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