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No matter whereabouts you’re based in the UK, you will no doubt have seen a range of Network Rail vans going about their business. These vehicles are deployed all over the country, with the occupants called into action for railways repairs and maintenance.

In many respects, buying an ex-Network Rail van is a similar investment to an ex-army or military vehicle or even an ex-council van. The vans will be kept in circulation until it’s time for an upgrade. At this point, they become available to the public – and, by extension, We Buy Broken Vans.

Why would anybody have such a van to sell?

There are many advantages to owning an ex-Network Rail van. These vehicles are populated to several hours every day. Sometimes, rail employees need to play the waiting game until they’re deployed.

This means the vans often have interesting peripherals, including rest areas and drink making facilities. This is one of the biggest advantages of buying this type of van. If available for sale, private tradespeople may consider investing in such a vehicle.

Unfortunately, as is the way of working vans, they are frequently battered and broken before too long. Maintenance of a Network Rail van can be expensive. The vehicle will host a range of tools, which will be tossed around, causing damage to interiors and paintwork. In addition, the vans may need to cover a variety of long distances, adding substantial mileage to their odometer.

Why would you buy an ex-network rail van?

Oftentimes, a previous rail network van is available for sale as it’s due an upgrade. Service providers of our national railways need to be able to provide a service that’s second to none. That involves the very latest and greatest equipment, including vans,

This does not mean that an older van is useless, though. Even an inactive van may be of use to use. We Buy Broken Vans can make use of the facilities found within any of these vehicles. This means that we can fix electrical and mechanical faults, or simply redesign the interior.

That’s a lot of work for an individual. That’s why we offer to buy disused vans. Our dedicated team has the time and inclination to make use of a vehicle that would otherwise simply rust. Why not sell your van to us at a reasonable price, and place the proceeds toward a newer model?

How much will We Buy Broken Vans pay?

This depends on several different factors. We’ll buy any van, regardless of condition and subject to assessment. The valuation we can offer depends on certain criteria though, including:

You can enter the registration number of the van on our home page to get the ball rolling. If you’re interested in taking the quote further, just follow the prompts and arrange an appointment. If you’re a willing seller, you can be assured that we’ll look to purchase your ex-National Rail van. Contact us for further details.


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