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Utility companies are one of the biggest users of vans in the UK. As you can imagine, these companies do use their vans a lot! Due to the heavy running of these vehicles, they are also subject to a lot of wear and tear. Utility companies usually dispose of their vans after a few years. They require a good quality vehicle in order to operate efficiently. Also, these vans are shown as a depreciable asset on their accounting books. As a result, they usually undergo a depreciation of around 25% per year. So, after four or five years, the asset is usually written off.

Electric board vans

We see these vans very often on the nation’s highways. Eventually, these vehicles become worn out and aren’t considered fit for purpose any longer. We consider these vans to be a great buy. Utility vans like these also come with storage for tools and other equipment. So, they can be refurbished and used by smaller businesses. Branding or logos on the vans aren’t a problem. We can remove these easily and repaint the vehicle. Please view our electric board vans page for more information about how we buy this category of vans.

National Grid vans

National Grid vans stack up in a lot of mileage in a given year. Due to this, they frequently experience a host of mechanical problems. In such cases, repairs can be frightfully expensive and often, it’s better to sell off the van. If you own a National Grid van, even if you’ve purchased it for your personal use, and are facing problems, call us immediately. Mechanical problems aren’t an issue and we would be ready to purchase your van right away.

Water board vans

Vans that are used by water companies need to be up and ready at all times. Often, a water leak calls for immediate action. In that situation, no water company technician wants their van to break down on the way. If you’re an employee of a water company or a company representative who wants to dispose of old vans, we are your first port of call. Check out our page about water board vans for more information.

British Gas vans

Energy suppliers like British Gas have vans doing their rounds all the time. Due to their heavy usage, these vans often develop a number of issues. Some vans have already been written off by the company itself due to depreciation, over usage or an accident. It really doesn’t matter what condition the van is in. If you’re the owner of a British Gas van or a similar van from another energy company, simply give us a call when you think it’s time to dispose of it.

Get in touch with us to sell your old utility van

If you’re thinking of selling an old utility van to us, simply visit our website and enter the registration number into the online evaluation tool. You need to declare the condition of the van and you’ll receive a quote. We will purchase your van after assessment and transfer the funds to you right away. Please call (0121) 285 9859 if you have any queries.


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