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Ex Water Board Van Buyers

In the event of an emergency leak or necessary pipeworks, a water company needs to know that their vans will get technicians on-site quickly and efficiently. This means that older, less reliable vans lose a great deal of their appeal.

No water board employee wants to be calling the AA, Green Flag or RAC when they’re on the way to prevent a pensioner’s home turning into an involuntary water feature. If your van is starting to creak and it’s time to replace it, let us make you an offer. We Buy Broken Vans can help you raise funds to upgrade your fleet.

We fully understand that you won’t be looking to sell a perfectly functional water board van. Why would you? If you were, you’d have many private sellers forming an orderly line. We specialise in older or broken vans that nobody else expresses interest in.

My van is branded with the Water Board logo, does that matter?

Vans come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, which is part of their appeal. Their vehicles can clearly identify their business. See a supermarket van emblazoned with the Sainsbury’s logo, and you’ll know exactly who owns it. Water board vans, meanwhile, can be as prominent or subtle as their owner wishes them to be.

We’ll be blunt – we couldn’t be less concerned by the outward appearance of your vehicle. It’s what’s under the hood that makes the difference. Don’t panic if your van has seen better days, though. As we have said, we’re not put off by faults with your vehicle. We can always find a way to breathe new life into it or break it up for parts.

There a lot of peripheral features to my van

We don’t doubt it. Many water board vans act as a home away from home for technicians that work long hours. We’ll be delighted to take a look at any additional features that your vehicle has to offer. Naturally, these may also be reflected in the price that we can offer.

An inspection is a pivotal part of the experience in selling your van. If you agree to a valuation that we provide, you can explain everything that your vehicle has to offer. All of this will be taken into consideration. If the van contains the facility to make our team members a cup of tea while they work, it will always be welcome.

I’m considering your offer – how much will you pay for my van?

That depends on a multitude of factors – far too many to list here. Getting an estimate is easy, though. Just enter the registration number of the van onto our home page.

Even if you’re not initially bowled over by the offer, it doesn’t hurt to get in touch. As discussed, we’ll send one of our experienced team members out to you so they can take a look. We retain an open mind – there may be features of your van that change the price we’re prepared to offer.

Contact We Buy Broken Vans

If we can come to an arrangement, your work is done. We’ll take your ex-water board van away for a new life and transfer your money over that very day. Surely that beats flushing money down the drain by leaving your broken van to rust. Contact us today and let us see how we can help!


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